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Our Specialist Accounting Services & General Accountancy Advice makes life easy for you.
We use our experience to make your business grow.

Taxation personal and corporate

Each individual or firm will be subject to different taxation depending on whether they operate as a sole trader or through a limited company. Taxable turnover will also dictate whether a firm has to register for VAT. Whatever the position, we help you with your procedures, while minimising your liabilities and maximising your profits.

Business and financial health checks

Sometimes people can be so focused on their tax bill that they pay less attention to the way they are generating cash. We review your cash flow, help you balance your budget and identify ways of making your business more profitable.

Small business, sole traders and family run firms.

We have advised hundreds of small firms how to structure their business taking account size, number of staff, the type of business, and tax liabilities. We help balance your books and most importantly, present your figures in the right way and on time!

Start Up Firms

We will evaluate your business plan, carry out company registrations, set up shareholders agreements and work out how you are going to finance your business. We also help you understand your tax and insurance liabilities, notify the Inland Revenue that you are starting up and register your company for VAT if required.

Electronic accounting

The trend towards electronic accounting is increasing and in some areas such as PAYE it is becoming obligatory for some to make up submissions electronically. The Dogget Group specialises in Sage and Quick Books, the software which makes accounting easier and quicker. We give you the training you need, enabling you to spend less time in the counting house, and more in your business.


Our dedicated payroll section shows you how to run an efficient payroll and minimise the risk of PAYE and NIC audits. And if you don't have time we can run your payroll for you.

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